Sedbergh – Castlehaw

Location Sedbergh
Grid Ref 664923


Sedbergh - Castlehaw
Castlehaw Tower is a small well preserved motte and bailey castle. The oval motte is around 30 feet high and surrounded by a ditch some 15 feet wide except on the south where there is a steep cliff dropping down to the houses below. The top of the motte is dish shaped, possibly caused by the removal of a building. The bailey, which lies to the west of the motte and slopes to the west is 30 metres east to west by 20 metres north to south.
The motte was used as an air raid look out during World War II. The motte is relatively undated, and has no easily identifiable history attached to it.


Sedbergh - Castlehaw


Sedbergh - Castlehaw


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