Whitehall – Mealsgate

Whitehall – Mealsgate

Location : Wigton
Ordnance Survey – NY 202416

Whitehall - Mealsgate, Cumbria
Whitehall – Mealsgate

Whitehall was built by Anthony Salvin in 1861 for George Moore, replacing an earlier house on the site, but the pele tower is original. George Moore was born at Allhallows, from a humble background, and went to London to seek his fortune at the age of 19 with half-a-crown in his pocket.
He was employed by a firm of lace sellers, and from then on fortune continued for him. Eventually he became enormously rich, but he was also enormously generous. He helped found schools and hospitals, homes and missions. He returned from London and came to live at the great house Whitehall, near to the Old Allhallows Church.
This small Norman chapel is now desolate and overgrown. Inside is a white marble statue to George Moore, who died tragically in 1876. The new Allhallows Church has a plaque dated 1962 from the French government expressing their gratitude for Moore’s work in helping Paris during the 1871 seige.
In the marketplace in Wigton is an elaborate 19th Century fountain set up in memory of his wife by George Moore. It has four fine bronze reliefs of the Acts of Mercy by Thomas Woolner.
Whitehall - Mealsgate
Whitehall – Mealsgate. Photo by Simon Ledingham.

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