Wigton – St Mary’s Church

Wigton - St Mary's Church. Pic F98P11.
St Mary’s Church in Wigton dates from 1788, and is based on the design of St Michael’s Church Workington. It replaces an earlier Church, which incorporated a Pele Tower added in 1330 to a church built in 1100.
No external parts of the old building were used, and stones from the old church may be found in many old buildings in Wigton. The oldest thing in the new Church is a muniment chest, now situated below the pulpit, and which used to contain the communion silver.
The Church contains an organ installed in 1912 by Harrisons of Durham, containing over 1100 pipes,
the longest being some 16 feet.
Wigton - St Mary's Church. Pic F98P8.
The decoration of the Church was designed in 1950-1956, with muted colours of the nave contrasting with the primary colours of the chancel. In the nave, the midnight blue of the ceiling shows up the gilt medallions perfectly, and the chancel ceiling has stars painted on it. John Betjeman in his book ‘English Parish Churches’, called it ‘a triumph in paint’.

There are many stained glass windows, by various artists, including ‘The Good Samaritan’ by RB Edmunson dedicated to George Moore of Whitehall in Mealsgate, and ‘Christ the Light of the World’ by Walter Crane, dedicated to William Story J.P.

Wigton - St Mary's Church. Pic N1630
Wigton - St Mary's Church. Pic N1635
‘The Good Samaritan’
‘Christ the Light
of the World’

Wigton - St Mary's Church
Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.
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