Silloth is a town with a population of about 3000, nestling on the shores of the Solway Firth, facing the hills of Southern Galloway and backed by the Lake District Fells. Silloth is noted for its invigorating but mild climate, its leisurely peaceful atmosphere and perhaps, most of all, its glorious sea views and sunsets fine enough to be recorded for posterity by Turner, the famous landscape artist. The town centre is made particularly attractive by thirty six acres of grassy, open space, known simply as ‘The Green’.


The town was inspired by Carlisle businessmen as a railhead and port in the 1850’s. The Railway Company helped to develop the town, and had grey granite shipped over in its own vessels from Ireland to build the handsome Christ Church, which is such a prominent landmark.


The imaginative planning is to be seen in its wide elegant tree lined streets, spacious sea front green and magnificent promenade stretching towards Skinburness. Thousands of servicemen came to know it in World War II through the building nearby of a major aerodrome which now holds industrial firms. It retains a busy and interesting little dock.



There is an 18 hole golf course, which was the ‘home’ course for Miss Cecillia (Cecil) Leitch (1891-1978), the most celebrated woman golfer of her day. The exceptionally mild winters make this an all-year round course.


In May 2012 a new play area for children, a refurbished pagoda, paths, and other amenities on Silloth Green were unveiled thanks to lottery funding.


North of Silloth, Grune Point is a sandy, raised shingle beach approximately one mile long (from Skinburness to its furthest extent). Its western side is exposed to the Solway and prevailing westerly winds. The west side which is more sheltered, is Skinburness saltmarsh. Grune Point along with other areas of vegetated shingle along the coast supports a community of specialist vegetation, including sea sandwort, sea holly and sand couch-grass.



South of Silloth, about halfway between Silloth and Allonby, is Bank Mill Nurseries. As well as extensive nursery offerings, there is a small gift area, a coffee shop serving a variety of meals and snacks using local produce, a butterfly house, a reptile house, a nature reserve with ponds and picnic tables, flower meadows, and some Jacob sheep.


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