Moricambe Bay

Moricambe Bay

Location : Silloth / Skinburness / Anthorn

Grid Ref : NY 161568


On the edge of the Solway, bordered by Grune Point, Skinburness Marsh, Newton Marsh and Anthorn, is Moricambe Bay.


The Rivers Wampool and Waver drain into the Solway Estuary through the bay. When the tide is out a large expanse of mud and sand is exposed across the bay, interrupted only by the flowing channels of these rivers. The flocks of sea birds, marshes, Grune Point and views across to Scotland make it a magnificently wild and isolated area of Cumbrian coastline.



During World War ll, the quiet isolation of the bay was broken by the noise of aircraft movements from the adjacent airfields of Silloth, Kirkbride and Anthorn. Occasional engine failures and accidents resulted in aircraft ending up in the sands of the Solway Estuary. A number of Hudson bombers based at Silloth suffered this fate. At low tide the remains of Hudson AM 771 can be seen near Grune Point – [NY 154564] . On 31st of August 1943 it suffered engine failure on take-off from Silloth. The Life Boat was unable to reach the crew due to the state of the tide, but they were rescued by a local farmer on foot from the shore and taken to Borden Farm, two miles from Abbeytown. On account of these events, Moricambe Bay was locally renamed ‘Hudson Bay’.



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