Moorforge Viking Settlement

Moorforge Viking Settlement

Moorforge is a Viking heritage discovery settlement, currently in development, focusing on life in the 10th century. The settlement is located just outside Gilcrux, on the edge of the Lake District National Park.

The entrance to the main longhouse
image of the Viking longhouse at Moorforge Viking Settlement in Cumbria
Workshops and events at Moorforge are popular, with Blacksmithing (forged knife making) and Early Medieval Cooking workshops, and larger day long events and mini-festivals. See all Moorforge and Gilcrux village events.

Live folk nights at Moorforge are held around a blazing wood fire in the Viking longhouse, on the first Friday of every month.

Growing willow at Moorforge for hurdle fences
image of willow being grown for hurdles at Moorforge Viking Settlement on the edge of the Lake District

Moorforge is not yet open to the general public on a daily basis, however, groups of up to 30 are able to book private visits.

The Althing Festival, a three day festival and gathering of Vikings, Slavs and Saxons at Moorforge, is open to the public and is held in September. Tickets are available though the Althing facebook page.

Timber, stone and turf Viking era buildingn
image of the timber, stone and turf Viking barn at Moorforge Viking Settlement in Gilcrux

The Moorforge site is owned by David Watson, the talented village blacksmith. David’s interest is particularly in the structural creation of the Viking buildings and the development of the site, as well as the forged items Moorforge requires.

A skilled team of writers, musicians, craftspeople, educationalists and Viking re-enactors and historians come together to create and manage a varied program of events and displays at Moorforge.

Viking shields and helmets inside the Viking Longhouse
image Viking shields and helmets inside the longhouse at Moorforge Viking Settlement in Gilcrux, Cumbria
In Gilcrux itself, one mile east of Moorforge, St Mary’s Church still houses the remnants of a 10th century Viking cross. This stood on the site before St Mary’s was built in around AD 1100, and was probably erected in AD 980.

Two miles to the west of Moorforge Viking settlement, in St Mungo’s Church, Dearham, is a magnificent Viking wheel-head cross. In splendid condition, it stands 5 feet 4 inches high, and is carved with ‘Yggdrasil‘, the Norse Tree of the Universe.

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Address: Moorforge Viking Settlement, Gilcrux, CA7 2RA

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