Monks Bridge

Cold Fell – Monk’s Bridge

Location : Ennerdale Bridge / Calder Bridge

Grid Ref : NY 064103

Near the fell road from Ennerdale to Calder Bridge.



Monk’s Bridge on Cold Fell is the oldest packhorse bridge in Cumbria, and crosses Friar Gill where it passes through a narrow deep chasm.. It was built for the monks of Calder Abbey, who would have crossed it on their many journeys. Iron ore would have been carried over it from Ennerdale to smithies on the fells to be smelted. The bridge is also known as Matty Benn’s Bridge, after the family Benn who lived nearby.



You may park on the Cold Fell Road by the National Trust sign for Kinniside Common (Grid ref 055101), at the junction of the road to Haile, Wilton and Egremont. Monks Bridge is just over half a mile from here (all downhill there & uphill back!).



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