Millom St George’s Church

Millom – St George’s Church

Location : Millom
Grid Ref SD 172800


Millom - St George's Church. Pic N0955.


The new St George’s Church was built in 1874-7 by Paley and Austin, and is a sign of the industrial prosperity of the town.


Millom - St George's Church, Pic N0957  - click for larger version


Millom - St George's Church. Pic N0959.


A memorial window to Norman Nicholson, the writer and poet who was born in Millom, designed by Christine Boyce, has recently been added to the Church. The imagery in the window is based on Nicholson’s poems and prose. An information leaflet links the panels to local scenes, such as Black Combe and Hodbarrow, and his writings, such as ‘Caedmon’.


There is another modern window by Christine Boyce at St Mary & St Michael’s Church, Egremont.


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