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Crosscanonby is a small village about 3 miles North East of Maryport, just a short way inland from the coast. It was once the site of a satellite house of the Augustinian church in Carlisle, now the Cathedral. The river Ellen is south of the village.



On the coast, located on Hadrian’s Cycleway, are Milefortlet 21 and the Milefortlet and Saltpans. Milefortlet 21, the first total excavation of a milefortlet, and a designated World Heritage Site, reveals a wealth of information about the lifestyle of Roman troops in Britain.


Close by are the remains of the Elizabethan salt pans. For nearly 700 years, salt was made from seawater along the Cumbrian coast, and the Crosscanonby site is a remarkably well-preserved example of this tradition.


St John the Evangelist’s Church

St John the Evangelist’s church is about half mile from the coast, at one of the earliest Christian sites in Cumbria. The Roman road from Carlisle to Maryport passes nearby, and there is evidence in the fabric of the Norman church of stones that were used in a Roman building of some sort.


Crosscanonby Carr is a nature reserve, the first in the Solway AONB. The site is a mosaic of habitats as a wetland oasis which is open for everyone to enjoy, it also has an Access for All Trail provided for people with all disabilities.

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