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Aspatria main street is top of picture, railway running bottom left to top right.
Railway station centre of pic, and Dairy Crest Creamery on the right.

Aspatria, [the place of St Patrick’s ash tree’], is a small town in the north west of Cumbria, between Maryport and Wigton. There has been a settlement here for over 3000 years, and it lies on the route of a busy Roman road.



The town is best known for its church of St Kentigern. An avenue of yew trees leads to the site where a Norman church once stood. It was demolished to build the larger stone St Kentigern, in 1846-48 in the Early English style.



In Aspatria there is a large Creamery. The first creamery acquired by the Milk Marketing Board in 1934, Aspatria is Dairy Crest’s most northerly manufacturing site producing up to 80 tonnes of cheese per day, including mild, medium and mature cheddar, as well as Double Gloucester

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