Thomas Rickman in Cumbria

Thomas Rickman (1776-1841) first trained for medicine, but in his thirties began to travel the country drawing churches. He visited nearly 3000 buildings, becoming extremely interested in ecclesiastical Gothic architecture. He became the greatest expert on Gothic architecture before A.W.N. Pugin.
In 1837 he started his own practice, designing many churches. He established terminology of Gothic architecture still in use today – Early English, Decorated, and Perpendicular.
His best known work is the New Court at St John’s College Cambridge (1826-31) with the attached so-called ‘Bridge of Sighs’.

Places in Cumbria designed or reworked by Thomas Rickman :
Dalston – Rose Castle 1829
Carlisle – Holy Trinity 1828
Carlisle – Barclays Bank 1830
Carlisle – Scaleby Castle 1835-40
Houghton – Brunstock 1827

Holy Trinity Church, Carlisle has been demolished.
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