The Stone Circles of the Lake District & Cumbria

There are some 50 stone circles in the Lake District and Cumbria, including some of the earliest stone circles in Britain.
There is a vast range of types, from the vast monumental circles at Castlerigg, Swinside and Long Meg, to the standard early bronze age circles of about 100 ft in diameter as at Casterton and Elva Plain, to diminutive rings associated with alignments and burials. Some are associated with henge monuments such as Mayburgh.
Listed below are some of the Lake District & Cumbria’s stone circles, other ancient Henges, standing stones, and other ancient sites.

The Best Stone Circles in the Lake District & Cumbria



Long Meg


Other Stone Circles in the Lake District & Cumbria


Elva Plain

Little Meg




Kemp Howe

Castlehowe Scar

Iron Hill




Grey Croft



Moor Divock


Other stones and ancient places in the Lake District & Cumbria

Mayburgh Henge

Goggleby Stone

The Bowder Stone

Giants Graves


King Arthur’s Round Table

Lowhouse Standing Stone

Druidical Judgement Seat

Ewe Close prehistoric Settlement

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