Kendal Yard83

Kendal – Yard 83 – Dr Manning’s Yard

Location Kendal
Grid Ref SD 514924

Off Highgate


Kendal - Yard 83 - Dr Manning's Yard


In the house at the top of yard 83 George Braithwaite, dyer, established a drysalter’s business in 1713 supplying dyestuffs, alum, fuller’s earth and other technical materials to the local textile trade.
Down the yard were workers’ cottages, the counting house or office over the archway, a ropewalk, a weaving shed and a dyehouse.
The family were noted Quakers and philanthropists and set up a soup kitchen in the ‘Hungry Forties’ and a School of Industry for poor children.
Dr Manning practiced here for many years in the early 1900’s.


Kendal - Yard 83 - Dr Manning's Yard


Kendal - Yard 83 - Dr Manning's Yard


Photos by Matthew Emmott.


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