Kendal Duke of Cumberland Public House


Location : Kendal
Grid Ref SD 522935


Appleby Rd, LA9 6ES. Tel: 01539 724 054


Kendal - The Duke of Cumberland public house


The Duke of Cumberland is the first and last pub on the North Eastern entrance\exit to and from Kendal. It sits at the junction of Shap Road and Appleby Road. This area used to be called Far Cross Bank. Shap Road was Far Cross Bank West, and Appleby Road was Far Cross Bank East. At the junction of these roads, a medieval cross once stood. When the cross itself was removed, its large granite base was left in situ, and was used as a meeting place. It?s thought that such were the size of the crowds that gathered here, that the local authorities had the cross base buried, and it remains lost to this day.


The inn is named after the Duke of Cumberland, the Butcher, who chased Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army back across the border in 1745. It’s alleged that the Duke stopped off here for refreshment in the course of his pursuit of the Prince, although it’s more likely that the inn was renamed purely in honour of his achievements.


Prior to the inn being the Duke of Cumberland, it was known as the New Crown Inn.


Notable date:

  • 1820’s to 1900’s Jonathan Jackson Banks was landlord.
  • 1910, Whitwell Mark and Co Ltd purchased the inn.


In the 1940’s, plans were put forward for the demolition of the inn, so that the two roads either side could be widened. However the plans came to nothing, and the inn continued operating. About this time, the interior¬† of the building was updated, and the stables were demolished to make way for the car park. The entrance to the stables can be seen to this day, marked by the green arched window at the side of the inn.


Words and photos by Matthew Emmott.


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