Kendal Beast Banks

Kendal – Beast Banks Post Office

Location Kendal
Grid Ref SD 511924


Kendal - Beast Banks Post Office
The old Beast Banks post office was the inspiration for Mrs Goggins’ Post Office in the Postman Pat series.
Postman Pat, the famous children’s television character, was born in 1978 at 32 Greenside, where his author, John Cunliffe, lived. The local sub post-office was here as 10 Greenside where John began his research for the series, and imagined Mrs Goggins sitting behind the counter.
The post office closed in 2003, but Pat travelled on in his little red van for many a year, delighting children all over the world.
The Museum of Lakeland Life has a Postman Pat display.


Kendal - Beast Banks Post Office


Photos by Matthew Emmott.


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