Arnside – Hazelslack Tower


Location Arnside / Beetham

Grid Ref SD 476788


Hazelslack Tower


Hazelslack Tower is a ruinous pele tower, probably late 14th century. originally a building was attached to it on the East side. On that same side is a small original doorway, with a pointed head. The building was originally divided into a South and North half. The North half had a tunnel-vaulted ground room. The staircase was in the SOuth half.
It is situated about two miles outside of Arnside, near to Arnside tower and Lindeth tower.
It is visible from both the road and the footpath that run right next to it. You can get excellent views of the tower from three sides using the road and the path. It’s built on private property so you can’t enter it or get to the house-side of the tower.


Hazelslack Tower


Photos and words by Matthew Emmott.


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