Cartmel Fell St Anthony’s Church

Cartmel Fell – St Anthony’s Church

Location Witherslack Newby Bridge / Levens
Grid Ref SD 417881

St Anthony's Church - Cartmel Fell. Pic F122P18.
St Anthony’s Church was built in 1504 as a chapel of ease to serve the local farming community in the parish of Cartmel Priory. Little has changed since the building of the Church, except the addition of the South porch. The Church is situated in the Winster valley, with the fell behind, and lovely views to the north and east. The entrance is by the parish hall, which used to be the primary school until 1965. It is the only church in the North of England dedicated to St Anthony.


St Anthony's Church - Cartmel Fell.


The boxed pew on the North side (above ) is known as the Cowmire Hall pew, and is thought to have been made from the chancel screen in 1571. The box pews on the South side also date from the 17th Century. (Cowmire Hall, about a mile North East, is based on an early 16th Century pele tower). The three decker pulpit of 1698 is a rarity. The lower deck is where the clerk sat, the middle was for the reader and the top was where the sermon was, and still is, preached.


St Anthony's Church - Cartmel Fell. Pic F122P18.


Much of the stained glass is 15th Century, more than in most Lancashire churches. It comes from Cartmel Priory. The East window shows Christ, St Anthony, St Leonard and small groups of the Seven Sacrements linked by streams of blood from the wounds of the crucified Lord.


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