Mayburgh Henge

Mayburgh Henge

Location : Eamont Bridge  –  Grid Ref : NY 519284

1.5 miles south of Penrith on a minor road off the A6.

Mayburgh Henge central stone with Cross Fell and the Pennines in distance.
Photo by Simon Ledingham.

Mayburgh Henge is on a tongue of land between the Rivers Eamont and Lowther just south of Penrith. It consists of a single circular bank, up to 6.5 metres high, and 50 metres across its base, broken by a single entrance and enclosing an area with a diameter of some 90 metres.
It contains a single monolith 2.8 metres high, although in the 18th century there were four standing stones in the centre, and a further four at the entrance. It probably dates from between 2000 to 1000 BC, and may have been a meeting place for a large prehistoric community.

Mayburgh Henge. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham

400 metres to the east is the earthwork of ‘King Arthur’s Round Table‘, consisting of an irregular bank surrounding a circular ditch some 12 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep.
To celebrate the new millennium, a Millennium Stone was erected nearby.
Mayburgh Henge is in the care of English Heritage

Mayburgh Henge, Eamont Bridge village, and the M6 motorway. King Arthur’s Round Table is top right, and the Millennium Stone is centre right. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.

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