Height 2848 feet, 868 metres. Location NY 323277, Latitude 54.63985, longitude -3.05046.
A. Wainwright: A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells, Volume 5 The Northern Fells
Blencathra is a mountain situated to the East of Keswick, and part of the Northern fells group.
For many years Ordnance Survey listed Blencathra under the alternative name of Saddleback, which was coined in reference to the shape of the mountain when seen from the east. The guidebook author Alfred Wainwright popularised the use of the older, Cumbric name, which is now used almost exclusively.
Ordnance Survey currently marks the summit as “Saddleback or Blencathra”.

Blencathra. Photo by Simon Ledingham.
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