Morland St Lawrence’s Church

Morland – St Lawrence’s Church

Location Morland
Grid Ref NY 598226


Morland - St Lawrence's Church. Pic N1798.
The greatest of Morland’s treasures is the Saxon Church of St Laurence. It is one of the loveliest churches in Cumbria, and parts of the fabric may well be the oldest masonry in any. The unbuttressed tower of mellow red sandstone, a joy to behold, has stood since the 11th century, before Norman builders brought their own styles of architecture; the nave and chancel are 13th. This is a church of which Morland’s parishioners may rightly feel very proud.


Morland - St Lawrence's Church.


Morland - St Lawrence's Church.


The gardens and path alongside the beck are open to public access with prior permission.
Members of the public are welcome to visit the garden (most days, between certain hours) provided: a) they are customers of the Travelling2 shop; b) they are customers of the Mill Yard Cafe; c) they are Members of the Historic Houses Association; or d) they request permission and that is granted. The HHA are required to give notice that they are coming.
If visitors go to the Cafe or the Travelling2 shop, there are notices in them which say they are welcome to go round the garden – so they get their permission that way.
Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham, other photos by Matthew Emmott.


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