Map of Cumbria and the Lake District

Lake District Map & Cumbria Maps

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image of a lake district map

The green areas represent the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. A small part of the Yorkshire Dales National park is now in Cumbria – Dentdale and Garsdale, and the towns/villages – Sedbergh, Dent and Garsdale.

The counties surrounding Cumbria are shown in the map below.

image of a map of cumbria

Ordnance Survey Maps for Cumbria and the Lake District :

Grid references are used for the locations of many places other than within towns. Each grid reference consists of a two letter code representing a 100 km square area, and two sets of 3 figure numbers. The first 3 figures relate to numbers across the top and bottom of the map, and the second set to numbers down the sides, which show one kilometre squares. The three figure numbers give a position to an accuracy of one tenth of a kilometre.

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Ordnance Survey Landranger Series Maps

The Ordnance Survey Landranger series of 1:50000 scale (approx one inch to the mile) maps (purple) cover the whole country, and the following cover the county of Cumbria.
image of the front over of an ordnance survey map of the Lake District

Ordnance Survey Lake District Touring Map

The Touring Map and Guide no 3 covers the Lake District at a scale of one inch to the mile and also contains much useful tourist information, including a Wordsworth trail. 

The Ordnance Survey Explorer Series Maps

image of the front cover of an ordnance survey map of the western lake district

There is a Historical Map and Guide at the scale of two and a half inches to the mile of ‘Hadrian’s Wall’.

Interactive Google map with Streetview

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