Lazonby St Nicholas’s Church

Lazonby – St Nicholas’s Church

Location : Lazonby
Grid Ref NY 549398


Lazonby - St Nicholas's Church. Pic F102P3.

The foundation stone of St Nicholas’s Church at Lazonby was laid in August 1864 and the completed building consecrated in April 1866. The previous church on the site was demolished, and very little is known about it. The MacLean Family of Lazonby Hall met the cost of the new building, which was designed by Anthony Salvin. Colonel MacLean had previously built Lazonby Hall (1848) and Lazonby School (1863). His grave and that of his wife are to the north of the Church.
There is a stained glass window of the Crucufixion in the chancel, dedicated simply ‘To My Mother’, placed there about 1898, and made by Mayer of Munich. It is a memorial to Eleanor MacLean. The East window is geometrical and floral, and is by John Scott.


Lazonby - St Nicholas's Church. Pic F102P1.


At the top of the graveyard is a large Celtic Cross, erected in 1902 by Canon Wilson to mark his 25 years as rector. It is over six foot high, and is a late work of W.G. Collingwood.


Lazonby - St Nicholas's Church


Lazonby Station and church


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham.


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