Keswick Cockermouth Gardening photos

Garden photos

Obviously Dave is usually just cracking on working in gardens rather than taking photos. But here are just a few pics of the many gardens in the Keswick and Cockermouth area that he has worked on.

Dave now specialises in garden tidy-ups but will also happily quote for small landscaping projects, such as the ones below.

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Farm garden near Cockermouth

All of the work here was done entirely by Dave.

The old fence and concrete plinth are removed, fence line moved back and a new more secure fence and gate created. The shabby corner is tidied up with an attractive corner bed and planting. A much more appealing garden entrance.

image of a farm garden near cockermouth

image of an improved fence and gateway at a farm garden created by David Bell of Cockermouth and Keswick gardening services

A really scruffy part of the garden is smartened up with steps made from old sandstone, lawn edging removed and reinstalled properly and some attractive trellis and planting to tie in to the new polytunnel.

image of a garden in need of renovation near Cockermouth
image of a garden after garden tidy up services Cockermouth

Over 2 tons of rubble and rocks were dug out of the soil in this area to create a new kitchen garden and fruit beds.

image of a garden requiring garden services Cockermouth
image of a Cockermouth garden tidy up by Dave Bell

This conifer was only going to get bigger – much bigger! The tree was topped, ‘snedded’ and dropped.

image of a large conifer in a Cockermouth garden
image of garden tree work near Cockermouth

Once the tree waste was removed the rustic trellis was extended and the stump turned into a bird bath with an old sandstone top. A willow branch makes the bird feeder ‘tree’ and new texture added with materials found around the farm yard. Now it’s a pretty seating area with amazing views.

image of Cockermouth tree work by a gardener
image of Cockermouth tree services gardening


Dave usually works on his own on smaller projects but, in the below Landscaping examples, he worked as a sub-contractor to a larger local design and landscaping firm as their patio layer and fencer.

A family garden in Cockermouth

Here Dave has built the fence and laid the patio in this Cockermouth garden.

image of a before pic of a garden in Cockermouth
image of an after picture of gardening services in Cockermouth

He also created the raised beds. A huge improvement in this small family garden.

image of patio services in Cockermouth
image of a newly laid patio in Cockermouth

5* holiday cottage woodland garden in Keswick

Again sub contracting, Dave has laid the stone path edgings, paved the patio and steps and done much of the planting.

image of a woodland garden requiring keswick garden services
image of a landscaped garden in Keswick in the Lake District

Garden Evolution

Amazingly this garden near Cockermouth is only two years old. The first pic shows the empty lawned garden, now divided into three areas. Dave has built the fence, arches, rustic trellis and – well – pretty much everything. The work has been done in stages over the two years and is still ongoing.

image of a lawned garden near Cockermouth
image of a landscaped garden near Cockermouth

The winding path is created from old local sandstone slates and antique bricks and leads to a generous sandstone patio under a timber pergola. Every slab for the path had to be cut by hand to exact angles. The white metal bench is set on a second small sunken ‘morning coffee’ patio which matches the larger main patio.

image of a metal bench on a sandstone patio near Cockermouth
image of a winding path and flowers in a garden near Cockermouth

Moving from the first area through the kitchen garden area in the centre of the garden. The previous autumn Dave worked on improving the soil and you can see the results. See ‘Elements’ below for the raised bed structures which are here hidden by the luxuriant growth.

image of a path leading through a vegetable garden near Cockermouth
image of raised beds in a vegetable garden near Cockermouth

Dave built this pretty rustic arch which leads through from the kitchen garden to a circular gravel patio with a central fire pit. This is where you’ll find our editor in her hammock on a sunny evening.

image of a rustic arch with climbing plants created by Dave Bell Cockermouth garden services
image of a water butt in a garden created by Dave Bell Cockermouth garden services

Cockermouth & Keswick patios

Dave laid all the patios below. Some as a sub contractor and some in garden evolution projects.

Indian sandstone patios in two Cockermouth gardens

image of a pergola and patio in a Cockermouth garden
image of an Indian sandstone patio created by Dave Bell gardening and landscaping services

Indian sandstone patios in The Parklands, Cockermouth

image of a newly laid patio garden in Cockermouth
image of a gravel and sandstone low maintenance garden created by Dave Bell gardening services

Reclaimed sandstone paving near Cockermouth

The client wanted local material and for the patio to look as though it had always been there. The thick sandstone ‘slates’ were reclaimed from a barn roof near Dalston. Dave has cut and dressed each slab by hand before laying the patio.

image of a rustic hand cut sandstone patio laid by Dave Bell Keswick gardening services
image of sandstone steps and patio laid by Dave Bell Keswick gardening services

Spring’s Road, Keswick

Again, Indian sandstone. Just very nice, tidy and professional workmanship.

image of a newly laid patio in a Keswick garden laid by Dave Bell Keswick gardening services
image of garden landscaping in Keswick

Blinkcrake large family garden

Two different paving materials and styles on two different levels in this very large family garden near Cockermouth.

image of a garden near Cockermouth
image of concrete flagging near Cockermouth

A Keswick garden in Lonsties

image of garden services in Keswick
image of patio laying in Keswick

Garden elements

Just a snapshot of many, many garden elements, all built by hand by Dave

Rustic arches

Two very pretty rustic arches build by hand by Dave. The first is in Bassenthwaite village near Keswick (with Dave’s rustic trellis wall topping) and the second in Gilcrux near Cockermouth.

image of a rustic arch in Bassenthwaite near Keswick created by Dave Bell Keswick gardening services
image of a rustic arch in a Cockermouth garden

Supporting arch in Keswick

An old arch was rotted and collapsing under the weight of the ancient wisteria. The huge wisteria had to be supported while the arch was built underneath it, making the job more complicated. An excellent end result and the wisteria was completely unharmed.

image of a supporting arch and wisteria created by David Bell Keswick Garden Tidy Ups service
image of a newly constructed timber arch and a large old wisteria in Keswick in the Lake District

Raised beds and fencing

The client wanted the vegetable beds slightly raised and contained to keep the paths clean. The gravel path has been laid with a solid but free draining sub base and used reclaimed old flags in pea gravel. The raised beds are made from treated scaffold boards and the fence is constructed with hand built timber uprights (each varying in length as the ground slopes) and topped with pre-made trellis panels from a local supplier.

image of a timber garden fence near Cockermouth created by David Bell garden fencing services
image of raised beds created by David Bell Cockermouth Gardening services

Mixed beds and pots

A pleasing combination of corner beds and mixed pots planted with perennials

image of an acer and hostas in a Cockermouth garden
image of an acer, roses and hostas by Cockermouth gardening services

A gardener at home

A truly green fingered gardener will grow anywhere. It’s amazing what can be grown even on concrete. Here’s just a few pics of Dave’s own gardening at his home, hopefully they give you an idea of the man and his love of all things green.

image of sweet peas and hostas in a Cockermouth garden
image of runner beans and sweet peas climbing high on a house wall in the Lake District
image of giant sunflowers and David Bell, the gardener near Keswick
image of a sunflower and a bee

Sunflowers are optional!