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Garden tidy ups

Dave is very well known for his garden tidy-ups, in fact show him a wildly overgrown garden that’s been utterly neglected and he’ll be delighted. Even better if you need him to go in with his trusty chainsaw and strimmers. But he’ll also be happy to come in for a half day and make a real difference. He’s also a knowledgeable pruner and a super-speedy and thorough weeder.

Garden renovations

Covering a wide range of applications, from improving soil and planting, through moving existing plants to small landscaping and fencing works, evolving gardens is Dave’s preferred way to work.


Dave spent a number of years contracting to a landscaping firm as their top patio layer and laid many Indian sandstone patios. He now prefers smaller projects and is particularly skilled in working with natural and local materials. The patio laid for the Visit Cumbria editor was created from old sandstone slates recycled from a barn roof near Dalston. These were individually cut to size and hand dressed, before being laid on a specially prepared base.


Timber garden fencing, both sawn and planed timber and rustic fencing created from treated round timber and natural coppiced poles.

Garden arches

May be erected from timber kit forms or crafted by hand and installed, each one unique and made to measure.

Tree work

Specialising in removing overgrown garden conifers and other trees, up to approximately 30′. For extremely large and dangerous trees you will require tree surgery, which Dave no longer does.

Raised beds

Of all descriptions, also paths.

Hedge trimming

All hedges trimmed using petrol hedge trimmers, by hand. All types of hedges cut. Maximum height applies and must be discussed in advance if over 6′.


Skilled pruning service with many years experience of pruning shrubs, small trees, fruit trees, roses, climbers etc


Many years of experience and many thousands of square yards of turf laid, creating beautiful lawns in the Keswick and Cockermouth areas.


Trees, hedges, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, annuals and bulbs. A green-fingered approach that respects each plant individually.

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image of David Bell, a Keswick and Cockermouth gardener