Industrial History and Heritage of Cumbria and the Lake District

To the average visitor, Cumbria means the Lake District – mountains, valleys and water. However, a large number of remains of once thriving industries still exist. Quarries provided stone much in excess of local needs, and stone was exported all around the world. Limestone created a lime-burning industry, with numerous kilns being built in South Cumbria. Beneath the fells, many mines were created to extract copper, lead and iron.
Lakeland is renowned for its rainfall, and this vast amount of moving water was used to harness many mills, some of which still exist in a working state.
Other industries included gunpowder manufacture, iron making, paper making, textiles, woodworking, marble polishing, comb making, charcoal burning, shipbuilding and biscuit making.

Duddon Ironworks
Stott Park Bobbin Mill
Steamboat Museum
Hodge Close Quarry
Ulverston Canal
Greenside Lime Kiln
Whitehaven Harbour
Solway Aviation Museum
Crosscanonby Saltpans


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