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Tebay Services on the M6

Cumbria’s award-winning Tebay Services, operated by Westmorland Ltd, is a family-owned motorway services, located on both the north and southbound sides of the M6 Motorway, just north of Junction 38. They are the only services in England to be built and operated by local people, and have established a strong reputation for excellent home made food and friendly staff, as well as its award-winning farm shops.


image of the exterior of Tebay Services on the M6 southbound
Tebay Services Southbound.

Tebay West Services opened in 1972 and serves the northbound carriageway. Tebay East opened in 1993 serving southbound traffic.
In 2006 it celebrated being named ‘Breakfast Champion’ of the North West, for its commitment to the promotion of delicious breakfasts using regional produce.

image of the interior of Tebay Servies on the M6

Westmorland Ltd was founded as a small family company back in 1971 by a local farmer and a local baker. Then it was a small service area with just 28 members of staff. By 2005 it had grown to a multi-sited operation, employing over 500 people. They boast the consistency of their values, and are dedicated to both their individuality and quality. The buildings are built by local builders, using mostly local materials.
There is also a further service area owned by the same company just off the M6 in Tebay village known as Junction 38 Truckstop Services, opened in 1986, which mainly caters for the HGV and long distance coach trade, but is open to the general public.
Each side of the motorway has a farm shop (opened by Prince Charles in 2004). Together, these won Best Local Retailer 2003 in the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards.
The northbound service area also has a Caravan Park and the Westmorland Hotel. This site also serves as the head office for Westmorland Ltd. and its parent company Westmorland Motorway Services Ltd.


image of an aerial view of Tebay Services on the M6
Tebay Services, looking north. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.

Westmorland also operate the Rheged Discovery Centre about 20 km away, near Junction 40, Penrith.
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Location: Tebay  –  Grid Ref : NY 606062