Tebay – Castle Howe


Location Tebay / M6 Junction 38

Grid Ref NY 613051


Tebay - Castle Howe


Just the earthworks remain of a Medieval motte and bailey castle represented by a long oval hillock of about one and three quarter acres. The Motte is around 9 feet above the bailey. Traces of a rampart survive on the south side and a ditch between it and the bailey, the east and south sides of which have been eroded.


The remains sit at the meeting point of the River Lune and Birk Beck, and have been badly eroded by flood waters in the past. You can see the earthworks on the left hand side as you travel up the M6 motorway towards Penrith, just outside of Tebay.


The earthworks are undated and no history has been tracked down for them.


Photos and words by Matthew Emmott.


Tebay - Castle Howe


M6 Junction 38  

Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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