Kirkoswald Castle

Location Kirkoswald
Grid Ref NY 559410

Kirkoswald Castle

Kirkoswald has a ruined castle, which in 1210 received a license from King John to fortify the original structure and enclose the extensive park.
The Castle was later destroyed by Robert the Bruce in 1314, but was rebuilt and extended in the late 15th Century. The whole site covered three acres, with the courtyard surrounded by a massive wall, and the main gate having a drawbridge over a moat.  

All that remains now is one monumental tower on the North side, some 60 feet high. 


Kirkoswald Castle


The Castle’s splendour is due to the efforts of Thomas, Lord Dacre, but after his death in 1525, the panelling, stained glass and beamed ceilings were transferred to Naworth Castle, and the Castle became a quarry. Today it is still protected by a wide moat, and the great turreted tower rises above the remains of the vaulted dungeons.


The Castle is now a ruin, is in a dangerous condition, and should only be viewed from the nearby public footpath.


Kirkoswald - St Oswald's Church Moat


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham, other photos by Matthew Emmott.


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