Kirkby Stephen Parish Church

Grid Ref NY 775088

Market Place, Kirkby Stephen.


Kirkby Stephen - Parish Church. Pic n2395.


The Parish Church of Kirkby Stephen, known locally as the Cathedral of the Dales is built on the site on an old Saxon church and contains many ancient relics. At the west end of the Church, among several other ancient remnants, is the ‘Loki Stone’ – a block of stone about a metre in height, decorated by a carved figure with horns. This is historically important, as one of the few physical survivals from the time when the Vikings settled parts of this area.
The entrance to the church is from the Market Square through the handsome Cloisters, which were built in 1810 with money left to the town by a former inhabitant – John Waller.


Kirkby Stephen - Parish Church. Pic F104P25.


There is much stained glass worth looking at, including several windows by Powells of Whitefriars.
A leaflet is available describing the history of the Church.


Kirkby Stephen - Parish Church


Kirkby Stephen - Parish Church


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham.


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