Kemp Howe Stone Circle

Shap – Kemp Howe Stone Circle

Location Shap
Grid Ref NY 567133

Kemp Howe stone circle

A short distance south of Shap village, the Kemp Howe stone circle is cut in two by the West Coast Main Line Railway, and overshadowed by the Corus Shapfell lime works. Only six stones remain, with others probably under the railway embankment, and those that were on the other side of the railway now lost after construction of the works sidings.


This circle used to have an avenue of stones leading from it to a barrow in the NNW. Some of these avenue stones can still be seen today, although the avenue was ruined at the time of enclosure of the common land. Just to the west of Shap are dotted a collection of standing stones which are the remains of this avenue. The Thunder Stone stands at NY 552157 and the curiously named Goggleby Stone can be found at NY 559151. Three other standing stones are marked on the OS map in this area.


Kemp Howe stone circle


Kemp Howe stone circle


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