Gunnerkeld Stone Circle

Shap – Gunnerkeld Stone Circle

Location Shap
Grid Ref NY 568178

Gunnerkeld Stone Circle


To the north east of Shap the M6 motorway climbs along a valley towards Shap Summit on Hardendale Fell. Here only a few metres from the motorway is the Gunnerkeld Stone Circle.


This is an impressive site and well worth a visit, though it is on private land and permission must be obtained from the landowner. It is easily reached from the minor road from Strickland to Castlehowe, and involves a short walk along the track to Gunnerwell Farm.


Gunnerkeld consists of two concentric circles, the inner one being in better condition. There are two large stones to the N which may be entrance portals and a very large stone to the SSW. The inner ring is approximately 18 metres in diameter, and is more complete than the outer ring which measures 28 metres in diameter.


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Gunnerkeld Stone Circle


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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