Castlehowe Scar Stone Circle

Shap – Castlehowe Scar Stone Circle

Grid Ref NY 587154

Castlehowe Scar stone circle


This small stone circle is conveniently sited in a field next to the minor road from Shap to Crosby Ravensworth. It consists of 10 boulders of Shap granite, set in a ring measuring 7 metres from north to south, and 6 metres east to west. Another boulder is a short distance outside the perimeter north northeast of the centre. The tallest stones are about one metre high.


There are many similar boulders in this and other nearby fields, and other small stone circles which can be reached via a trackway along the eastern side of the field.


Castlehowe Scar stone circle


Castlehowe Scar stone circle


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham, other photos by Matthew Emmott.


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