Castlerigg – St John’s in the Vale Church

Location : Threlkeld / Keswick
Grid Ref NY 306225


St John's in the Vale Church, Castlerigg. Pic F41P12.

It is not certain how long there has been a Church on this site. The present building dates from 1845, but incorporates parts of older buildings. The earliest referance is 1554.
The site is unusual in that it seems somewhat inaccessible. However, the road which passes the Church was once an important road, part of a track from Matterdale to Wanthwaite. Inside, the building conveys a warm and homely atmosphere, without being inhibiting.
The panelling to pew height, was formerly the backs of the pews at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick. The altar was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, and was formerly at Crosthwaite Church. It was a gift to St John’s-in-the-Vale in 1893.
The small tower contains one bell, date unknown.


St John's in the Vale Church, Castlerigg. Pic F41P8.


St John's in the Vale Church, Castlerigg


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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