Setmurthy -St Barnabas’ Church

Setmurthy – St Barnabas’ Church

Location : Cockermouth
Grid Ref NY 184322


Setmurthy - St Barnabas' Church. Pic F59P34.
The Parish of Setmurthy is one of the smallest in the Diocese of Carlisle, with a total adult population of only 93. Many centuries ago man left his mark here, as can be seen at the stone circle of Elva Plain, nearby, but there has never been a large population here.
There has been a Church here before 1225, but the present Church was built in 1794. In 1870 it was restored and altered, when the tower and belfry were added. In 1903 the baptistry was added to house the old font dated 1661. In 1880 unusual pitch pine decorations were added to the Church. There are several stained glass windows worth looking at, all being memorials to the Fisher family of Higham Hall.


Setmurthy - St Barnabas' Church. Pic F60P33.


Setmurthy - St Barnabas's Church


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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