Elva Plain Stone Circle

Elva Plain Stone Circle

Location : Cockermouth  –  Grid Ref: NY 177317

Elva Plain Stone Circle lies on the southern slope of Elva Hill. From here the view to the east is dominated by Skiddaw, across Bassenthwaite Lake. Situated on a level terrace on a hillside, the 15 stones, of which the tallest is just under one metre, form an almost perfect circle some 40 metres in diameter. Only 15 stones of the original 30 remain.
Elva Hill is known as a fairy hill and the name may be derived from an old Viking name meaning place of the elves.

The site probably dates from late neolithic times, and has been linked with the trade in neolithic axes. The route was from the factory sites in the central fells through Borrowdale and over the hills east of Bassenthwaite.
The circle is on private ground belonging to Elva Farm, but may be approached on a footpath from the Cockermouth to Higham Hall road.

Looking towards Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw. The stone circle is in the centre of the picture. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.
Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.

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