Witherslack St Pauls Church

Witherslack – St Paul’s Church

Location : Witherslack Newby Bridge / Levens
Grid Ref SD 431842


Witherslack - St Paul's Church.


St Paul’s Church was built about 1669 under the will of John Berwick, Dean of Dean of Durham and St Paul’s Cathedral, and his brother, physician to Charles II, both natives of Witherslack. Born in 1612, John Berwick was a staunch royalist during the civil wars, in the reign of Charles I, and was committed to the tower by the parliament, for carrying on a secret correspondence between the king and queen.


It is an almost perfect example of plain Gothic church of that date, and consists of a west tower, nave and chancel in one. The nave and chancel were heightened in 1768.


There is heraldic stained glass of about 1670, attributed to Henry Giles of York. The pulpit, dated 1880, is made from parts of the original three decker pulpit of 1670.


Witherslack - St Paul's Church.


Witherslack - St Paul's Church.


Photos by Matthew Emmott.


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