South Stainmore St Stephens Church

South Stainmore – St Stephen’s Church

Location : Brough
Grid Ref NY 841130


South Stainmore - St Stephen's Church.


St Stephen’s Church, South Stainmore, near Brough, dates from 1600. It was built as a school under the will of Cutherbert Buckle, a local man who became Lord Mayor of London. In 1608 it was consecrated and became Stainmore chapel.


In 1699, Thomas, Earl of Thanet and patron of the living, repaired the chapel, which was becoming derelict. He added a schoolhouse to the Chapel’s northwest corner.


In 1842 it was rebuilt again by Lord Thanet, at the same time as the nearby Augill Castle. The building seated 130 people, by including a gallery. The Revd John Wharton removed the gallery in 1879.


In 1911 – 29 the church was refurbished yet again, having again fallen into a state of disrepair.


There is a three bay nave, and chancel, with projecting square bell-turret and lancets. The ceiling inside is flat, in the older tradition. There are three stained glass windows.


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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