Middleton Holy Ghost Church

Middleton – Holy Ghost Church

Location : Middleton / Kirkby Lonsdale
Grid Ref SD 622862


Middleton - Holy Ghost Church.


The church (chapel) was designed by C.J. Ferguson, and built in 1878, 1879. There has been a church on this site from 1634, and when it was replaced, it was a complete rebuilt from the foundations up. The only clue as to the fact that there was an earlier church, is a sandstone date stone mounted into the wall near the gate from the car park. There are a number of beautiful stained glass windows in this tiny church, and one in particular has an odd ‘mistake’ in its design.


In the collage of four windows photo, the second window from the right shows Jesus healing a blind man. If you look closely, the blind man has two left feet!


The church lays at the end of a small stretch of Roman road that can be walked. Just outside the church yard, a Roman milestone can be found, rescued from the surrounding countryside and placed at the end of this portion of road.


Middleton - Holy Ghost Church.


Middleton - Holy Ghost Church.


Photos and words by Matthew Emmott.


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