Mealsgate – All Hallows Church

Location : Cockermouth
Grid NY 197426


Mealsgate - All Hallows Church. N3376.


The nearby old All Hallows Church is now out of use due to its replacement by the new All Hallows Church. The new church has a plaque dated 1962 from the French government expressing their gratitude for George Moore’s (of nearby Whitehall) work in helping Paris during the 1871 seige.


Inside are three windows by the London firm ‘Powell of Whitefriars’, one of which is dedicated to Rose Geraldine, Edward Quillinan and Lucy Henrietta, wife son and daughter of the Revd John Wordsworth, vicar 1894-1925.


Mealsgate - All Hallows Church.


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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