Kirkcambeck St Kentigern’s Church

Kirkcambeck – St Kentigern’s Church

Location : Kirkcambeck / Brampton
Grid Ref NY 534689


Kirkcambeck  - St Kentigern's Church.


Kirkcambeck is located just north of Brampton, and so was prey to 13th century Scottish border raiders, who burned the 11th century village church. The arched doorway of the original church survived and stands alone.


The village church of today, St Kentigern, was built in 1885.


A timber castle was once here, but only slight earthworks remain.


Close by is Askerton Castle with its rich Reivers history.


Kirkcambeck  - St Kentigern's Church.


Kirkcambeck  - St Kentigern's Church.


Photos by Martin Norgate. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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