Crosby on Eden – St John’s Church


Location : Carlisle / Brampton
Grid Ref NY 448597


Crosby on Eden - St John's Church


St John the Evangelist’s Church, 1854, is an inventive design by R.H.Billings.


The body of the church is conventional, though the chancel is short, and flowing tracery is not expected in a church of this age. The tower is short, with a spire, and with colossal sockets up the edges, and long tight lucarnes.


The East window, of the sick coming to Jesus, is by Heaton, Butler and Bain.


The 16 side windows have segmental arches with lacy tracery pelmets of stone. In the tracery heads themselves, rather than the stained glass, there is cut clear glass in the shape of stars. The windows are by Williams and Watson, and bear a variety of motifs.


Crosby on Eden - St John's Church


Crosby on Eden - St John's Church


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham. Other photos by Malcolm Minshaw.


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