Gypsy Caravans at Ambleside

Where is it? :  in a brilliant little clearing in the woods on the side of lake Windermere – at the National Trust Campsite at Low Wray, near Ambleside.


We like it because : Correction – we love it!  In fact we loved it so much we only left the camp once in 2 days – to get a meal at the pub and collect more firewood from the roadside on the way back.  Probably the funest “camping” ever and the fire pit really makes it special too – fires really are good for the soul.


spike cooking on fire - gypsy page


What’s it all about? : There’s lots of different types of fun places to stay spread well out at Low Wray – Yurts, an Eco Dome, Berber Tents, Tipi’s and Eco Pods.  We went at the last minute for 2 days and stayed in one of the 2 Gypsy caravans.  Even though it was during the last freezing Easter (and it actually snowed one night) we were warm as toast and hardly went anywhere indoors at all for 2 days except to sleep.


The caravans can sleep 2 grown ups and 1 kid or 2 grown ups and 2 kids and have a tiny stove inside.  As well as this you get your own “Andrassi” tent for a cook shack/ dining room with everything you need in it.  We’re campfire mad though so we cooked as much as possible on the fire – see the pics in the Gallery for cooking tips.  Good, really clean, toilet block, showers & laundry exactly the right distance away.


There’s loads of water activities to do from Low Wray as well as walking etc if you can tear yourself away from the camp.  Mum felt 10 years younger after 2 days and all aches & pains had gone.  Stars awesomely huge at night


Also look out for : OK, we maybe exaggerated the wild life on the map below but it is lush – saw a barn owl hunting and eating its prey and loads of ducks, geese, swans & other birds.  Bet there’s bats too in the summer.


Tips : If there are too many of you to fit in a Gypsy Caravan you could pitch a tent on a National Trust pitch nearby for extra sleeping space.  But you need to tell Wild in Style and hire the Gypsy Caravan from them.  Remember to take your pen knife for whittling, head torch, warm clothes and maybe a small saw.


How much is it? : prices start at £235 for 3 or 4 nights off peak up to £435 for full week in peak season.


Gallery :  click on the small pics for big photos.

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