Gilcrux Trout Fishing Ponds

Where is it? : Gilcrux near Cockermouth
Telephone : 016973 22488 / Mr Pike

We like it because : Good chance of catching a sizeable fish big enough to eat.  We caught three trout, one massive and two fat – in February! We cooked them for dinner – YUM.

gilcrux trout 1


What’s it all about? : 3 artificial ponds stocked with brown and rainbow trout. one pond only for fly fishing and the other two for just sticking a bit of bait on the hook and casting it out.


Also look out for : Ducks, geese and goats. Herons fly down to the ponds at the end of the day.  There’s also some small ponds where you can even see the baby trout in action!


Fishing tips : Youdale’s newsagents in Keswick has bait and tackle and Maryport Aquarium has a fishing tackle sales and hire and bait shop inside it.  You need a (bubble) float as well as rod, line, small weight and hook.  If you’re new to fishing just ask for advice when you hire or buy your gear.

Best bait : tinned sweetcorn, maggots or worms.


What to bring : Flask of hot chocolate, plenty of sandwiches,  patience.  If it’s muddy weather bring waterproof  trousers or preferably fold up chairs / something to sit on.  Wellies.


How much is it? : In September 2018 bait fishing was £9.00 for 1 person with a fishing rod for a half day to catch up to 2 fish. £12 for a full day with 3 fish caught. Fly fishing was £15 for a half day and 2 fish and £25 for a full day with 4 fish. You can share a rod at no extra cost as long as you don’t go over the fish allowance

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