Canoe Bushcraft for Kids in the Lake District

Where is it? :  Derwentwater, which is the lake beside Keswick

Run by Keswick Canoe & Bushcraft –  Telephone 07944 735 010 or 07950 559 623


We like it because :  Derwentwater is a seriously excellent lake with islands and lots of great places to land.  Add that to canoes, campfires, practising bushcraft skills and learning about nature and it’s a pretty awesome day out.


canoe bushcraft pic


What’s it all about? : You’re out for about 6 and a half hours, a lot of the time in open canoes, on Derwentwater.  You learn how to paddle the canoe and how to know what different trees and plants are as well as bushcraft skills.  Landing on the islands is brilliant and at different times of the year there are some amazing things to find.  This is real exploring with great guides.  Not to mention the campfires, again!  You will not forget this day – ever.


Also look out for : In the spring zillions of ducks and geese nests on the islands, deer also sometimes go to Lord’s Island to have their young and you may just see them.


How old do I need to be? : 8 years or over.


Tips :  You need your grown up with you for this.  Mini binoculars would be great.

How much is it? :  £45 for under 16 years,  £55 for oldies/parents
Gallery : Click on the small pics to see big photos

Website :  Keswick Canoe & Bushcraft
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