Carlisle Station

Carlisle Railway Station

Location Carlisle
Grid Ref NY 403556

The Railway Station - Carlisle.


Carlisle Railway Station, with its imposing facade, was designed in 1847 by Sir William Tite, who had designed The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange in London 2 years previously. He used a Tudor Gothic style to harmonise with the crenellated towers of the Citadel, designed by Sir Robert Smirke.


Carlisle station had seven operating companies travelling over eight routes, and was one of Britain’s foremost railway junctions.


Carlisle Station.


Carlisle is the Northern terminus of the famous Settle-Carlisle Railway. Only London had more railway companies entering its city. All the companies had separate goods yards, and most had their own engine sheds.


Settle-Carlisle Railway.
Photos by Julian Thurgood and Jan Fialkowski.

There is a long stay pay-and-display car park at the station, which is only minutes walk from the centre of Carlisle.


Next to the station is the imposing Station Hotel, a stately railway hotel designed in 1852 by Anthony Salvin.

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