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Walton is a small attractive village, just over two miles north of Brampton, with a number of village greens, and set in open countryside, with good views to north-east.


It is on the route of Hadrian’s Wall, and has a village church dedicated to St Mary, by Paley of Lancaster.


Walton on the Roman Wall!
Fairest village of them all!
Rivers three around thee flow,
Clearest streams man may know!
Irthing, King and Cambeck sally
Sportively to Eden’s valley….


So wrote James Steele of Walton in the 19th century. Despite becoming blind in his youth, he was a poet, social reformer, teacher and musician.


Walton still remains an unspoilt part of England. Sapling limes planted around the central green to mark Queen Victoria’s golden Jubilee have grown into magnificent trees.


Built by the Johnson family towards the end of the 18th century, Castlesteads Mansion (NY511632) stands on the site of a Roman fort south east of the village of Walton. Surrounded by a wooded park of 75 acres overlooking the river Irthing, it is one of the most important buildings associated with the village.




Photos by Simon Ledingham.

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