The Guildhall Museum

Guildhall Museum

Location – Carlisle

The Guildhall Museum is housed in the upstairs of Carlisle’s only medieval house. Built in 1407 of timber, tile bricks and clay, by Richard of Redeness, who left the house to the community of Carlisle when he died.
The tradesmen of the middle ages found it necessary to protect themselves by forming special associations or Guilds. Carlisle had eight Trade Guilds, and each had one room as a meeting place. The Guilds were Butchers, Merchants, Shoemakers, Skinners, Smiths, Tailors, Tanners and Weavers.

Each of the Guild Rooms has its own special interest – ranging from the ship’s cabin-like atmosphere of the Shoemakers room to the unexpectedly Victorian character of the Butcher’s Room. Objects relating to the history of the Guilds are on view wherever possible. There are many items of Guild silver dating mainly from the early 18th century. Each Guild had a large banner which was flown from the Guildhall on important days.
The Guildhall Museum is currently closed until further notice
2021 Opening Times:
Fisher St, Carlisle, Cumbria. Tel 01228 534781 (Tullie House)
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