Newton Arlosh

Newton Arlosh

Grid Ref NY 200552



Newton Arlosh, or Longnewton as it is sometimes called, is a long straggling village on the edge of the Solway. It owes its origin to the misfortune of Skinburness, when it was swept away by violent storms in the 14th century. The inhabitants moved to a safer spot which became known as Newton Arlosh, meaning ‘New town on the marsh’.


It is situated on the road between Abbeytown and Kirkbride, bordered on one side by moss (peat) land and on the other by tidal salt marsh. In the past ‘peat rights’ were owned by farmers who allowed villagers to cut and dry peat for household fuel. The majority of this land now belongs to the Nature Conservancy Council. Farmers also held grazing rights to ‘stints’ on the marsh. These were defined areas where they could graze their livestock and originally benefited only the farmers of the parish, but over the years these rights have been sold to farmers resident elsewhere.



The main architectural feature of the village is the church of St John the Evangelist, erected in 1303 and noted for its Pele Tower. The church door is only two feet seven inches wide. It is said, at a wedding, the first of a bridal pair out of the church will be the boss!


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