Christianbury Crag

Bewcastle – Christianbury Crag

Location : Bewcastle

Grid Ref NY 577822


These crags are small tors of hard sandstone just a couple of miles south of the Scottish border.


There is a small road north of Bewcastle which ends in a cul de sac at “the Flatt” on the edge of Kershope forest. The Flatt is a typical border farm but just behind the farm buildings is a renovated hunting lodge.


The crags are about 3 miles north east of this point. At the start of the route a “walkers guide board” shows what the area looked like prior to the forest being planted. The fact that the board is now behind a wire fence and largely covered by vegetation attests to the decline in popularity since the forest was planted.


These rocks have been called Chris-ten-bury Craigs and Christenbury Crag (s) and finally Christianbury Crag.



Although only 3 miles in length, the walk is hard work. Initially it follows a small stream ( which later flows into the White Lyne river) with the path winding in and out of the forest. Fortunately there are bright yellow markers on the trees to illuminate the way forward.


After 1 mile the route crosses the stream and starts to work uphill across the “grain” of the forest. This means that the forest roads cannot be used, and the walking is quite arduous across uneven and overgrown ground.


After two forest roads have been crossed, you eventually reach the “Galwegian Fosse” which is all that remains of an ancient ditch. The path follows this straight up the slope until eventually the crags are reached. From the crags the view northwards across the bog and marsh land into Scotland is uninterrupted.



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