Appleby Horse Fair

Location : Appleby
Appleby Horse Fair runs for a week in June, ending on the 2nd Wednesday in June, in the town of Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria.

image of Romany caravans at Appleby Horse Fair. Photo by Andy Hibbert.

Appleby Fair. Photo by Andy Hibbert.

It is probably the best known of the horse fairs attended by Romany families travelling to meet up with old friends and conduct business. It is world famous, the largest of its kind in the world, having existed as a fair for horse trading since 1685, and attracts a huge gypsy gathering.
Young people wash the horses in the River Eden and are then ready to show them off. The tradition of racing and trotting the horses along Flashing Lane takes place throughout the day.
image of a horse and rider at Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria. Photo by Andy Hibbert.

Appleby Horse Fair. Photo by Andy Hibbert.

The official website sets out all the arrangements leading up to and during the Fair to help you plan your visit and make it safe and enjoyable.
The field on the outskirts of Appleby originally known as Gallows Hill, due to its usage in earlier times is now called Fair Hill and looks over the town of Appleby. During the Fair, horses may be found everywhere – in the river, on its banks, along the roadsides or tethered outside hotels and shops.

image of an aerial view of Appleby Horse Fair. Photo by Simon Ledingham

Appleby Fair. Photo by Simon Ledingham

Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham. Other photos by Andy Hibbert.
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